Paul McCartney Playing High Schools!

Oct 11, 2013 | LATEST

Belief in God comes from life experience, family history, gutteral instinct…  There are many things that can help someone to seek out or find out about a higher power.  The Beatles on the other hand, are an undeniable source of energy, wisdom, and phenom that none can deny from Detroit to Timbuctoo.  A recipe somewhere between the vindaloo and curry sound of a sitar over an English accent with multiple rising harmonies that could tame the wildest of wildebeests and the most rambunctious of children…  Which leads us to the point.

If Paul McCartney isn’t a saint, he should be.  I don’t know if your band ever did a high school tour (one of my many high school bands did in fact do just that) but these crowds are an interesting blend of love and absolute chagrin for the assembly of classes for the sole purpose of listening to original live music.  Now…  if you, maybe as a parent, received one of those permission slips from your son or daughter that read – “Dear Sir or Madam, We request that your son/daughter be excused from classes for an hour or two tomorrow for an assembly” and found out later that this “assembly” was a rock concert featuring non-other than the bands of Phoenix and Paul McCartney – how would you feel?

Imagine THAT conversation! “Dad, do you know who Paul McCartney is?!”  #Holycrapwow

That’s all I’m going to say about this wonderful, wonderful, amazing, and awesome thing.  Read more from my friends over at Stereogum!

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