Jeffrey James. A man with a plan.

Jul 8, 2013 | LATEST

I’m going to be doing a little work with Jeffrey James coming up pretty soon, and in the meantime I’ve been listening to his most recent music and gaining a lot of interest in what he’s up to lately!

Jeff’s 2013 project is to release singles all throughout the year, eventually to add up to one full concept album (at least that my interpretation). In today’s music industry, this is kinda perfect, and also provides regular new music to people at a rate that is easy to digest. I love this dude’s voice, and I love his energy on stage – but I really love the recordings! I think there’s a lot to be said about an artist willing to devote time needed to really get the music done the right way, while sticking to a plan and seeing it through.

8 months in, I think there’s a lot of accomplishment to acknowledge for what Jeffrey has put out there. I also can’t wait to hear the rest of this project! I hope he keeps doing it the way he is now, and I hope that the recordings just continue to get better and better as they are now. Check out the Wide Awake project here, and check out Jeffrey James official website here.

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ALONE, Single Release

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Single Shared by ZAPETLONE

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