JOSHUA C.S. Placed on INDIEMONO Playlist “UNDISCOVERED & COZY Indie Crush”

Check out "The Water Keeps Rising" on the INDIEMONO Spotify Playlist, "UNDISCOVERED & COZY Indie Crush" right here folks: And many many thanks and praise to INDIEMONO!  Follow them on Spotify right here: JCS

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Business and Music and Rick Barker

It's hard being a musician and doing the business at the same time.  It's a crazy thing to have to keep up with!  I get involved with many different businesses and non-profits as a producer and consultant to keep myself active in the community and also keep me busy during the lulls.  But that's just the [...]

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Togetherness and Collaboration

When looking for a new direction, or trying out new sounds - or even when you're wanting to just get your uniqueness on the page or on a record, I find it's best to do this with the help of others.  I love working in collaboration with others.  It soothes my soul and keeps me [...]

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EP Release + Live at EXIT/IN TONIGHT!

MAY 27, 2015 - Joshua and the Bandits realease "Love and War EP.1" on at the Dingus of Springus and online only! Don't miss Joshua and the Bandits with Joel Levi and Jack Berry tonight LIVE at EXIT/IN where we'll be unvailing the full band versions of the Love and War Trilogy in celebration of the [...]

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