Milk & Honey Vol. 2 Released and In Stores

Milk & Honey, Vol. 2 is officially in stores and streaming.  These release contains the songs, "Soothe My Soul" and "Where I Lay My Hat Down".  Both songs were written and recorded in Nashville TN and mixed and mastered in Los Angeles, CA by Seth Atkins Horan. Find the here: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon Released by [...]

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Milk & Honey Tapes: First Release March 30, 2018

The initial release for Milk & Honey Tapes will be March 30, 2018. Songs: "Give Me Your Number" and "Milk and Honey" Joshua, in collaboration with Seth Atkins Horan (Grammy winning music engineer) and in co-op with Olde English Records and True Source Entertainment, is releasing multiple songs this year in a group of mix [...]

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ROOTS reaches #187 on Radio Charts

My new record, "ROOTS" has officially reached the top 200, and doesn't show signs of stopping!  I just wanted to take a brief moment out of the day to appreciate this.  I mean, as an artist, especially as a career independent artist, it's been a while since I've seen success like this.  I know it [...]

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JOSHUA C.S. Placed on INDIEMONO Playlist “UNDISCOVERED & COZY Indie Crush”

Check out "The Water Keeps Rising" on the INDIEMONO Spotify Playlist, "UNDISCOVERED & COZY Indie Crush" right here folks: And many many thanks and praise to INDIEMONO!  Follow them on Spotify right here: JCS

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Just saw myself on the Jeff Buckley Website

I was just reminded of a really cool event I got to participate in a while back.  I was given the opportunity to play "Hallelujah" as a tribute to the late, great, Jeff Buckley.  In attendance, not to my knowledge, was Mary, Jeff Buckley's mom.  I got to meet her after I performed.  Not knowing who [...]

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